See you later!

See you later!

Hello friends, it is a bit difficult to write this to you, but we believe it will be the best for the project. The team, in view of the low impact, has decided to stop this campaign and get to work immediately on a new one with everything learned in the first. In fact, we haven’t stopped it before because we needed enough data and metrics to know where we were failing to draw conclusions.

We have tried, by all means at our disposal, to give the campaign as much visibility as possible, but we have barely reached 1,300 views. We want to be completely transparent about this, and it is clear that we have made structural mistakes that have slowed the campaign from day one.

stats.png (933×601)

This is a very hard time for the team, given the impotence of not being able to show their hard work to as many people as we would like. We have put all our love in making the best possible game and your help was needed to do it with the vision we had planned.

We cannot fail to thank you for the support shown and your contributions, even though it seemed that the campaign was not going to come to fruition. Your comments and encouragement lead us to think that there are many people out there who may also be interested in the project, but maybe we haven’t done a good job in terms of communication.

Of course we expect your feedback in relation to what may have failed: were the rewards not attractive? Can’t you understand the meaning of the game? Are you worried about the charisma of the character? Didn’t our press releases seem interesting enough? All your comments will be received positively and taken into account for the new campaign. You can contact us by email at or through our social networks:


In addition, now you will have more time to try the demo, in case you have any doubts about the handling or charisma of the protagonist, etc. Being honest, we still don’t know anyone who didn’t like it when trying it. Just understand that it is an approach to mechanics without any narrative component, so as not to reveal anything yet. Do not forget to send us comments about the demo and if you are a Mac user, we can create a build so you can try it.

Our illusion was always that you felt this game as a story … and we will not let it end without a happy ending or with the snowman  not recovering all its pieces …

Therefore, this update is not a goodbye, but a see you later. Soon, you will receive an update with the link to the new campaign. See you soon with new energies!