In Concano Games, we believe that building your project from scratch makes every part fit perfectly, and helps the idea grow in a correct, ordered way, and with the care and dedication that it deserves. Our experience in the videogame industry and the specialisation of each one of our team members, enables us to offer more variety and quality in each piece of the puzzle that makes up yor project, your idea.

Concept & Storyboard

Characters, Enviroment & Props: 2D & 3D, Sculpt

Game Design

Engines: Unity, UDK, GM Studio, LibGdx, etc.

Music y sound design

Code & Ports: C++, C#, HTML5, etc.

Do you need to outsource part of your studio’s art development? Do you need help setting up a multiplayer mode or a free-to-play bussiness model with microtransactions? Contact us without any obligation!