The team

Meet the team

CONCANO GAMES is composed of a multidisciplinary team with a wide experience in the graphics and programming sectors, specialized in videogame development.


Baltasar Payno

Graduated in Computer Science, and with a diploma of University Expert in Videogame Design and Development, his responsibility is to keep everything up and running. He has worked in projects for state- and privately-held companies, using a great variety of technologies. His strength is programming, although he is skilled in other fields of the interactive multimedia area. An all-purpose worker, strongly oriented to programming.


Carlos Pérez

Whether drawing or modelling, painting or texturing, this imaginative multi-purpose artist adapts to any kind of creative work. Graduated in Fine Arts, and with training on vidoegame design and development, he has taugth modelling and animation courses for the University of Cantabria at the Digital Learning Centre in Camargo. He is responsible for the creation of the characters and environments in our games.


Samuel López

He could be defined as a 4x4 artist of the future. An expert in 3D videogame modelling, 2D & 3D artist for several projects and technologic creative consultant, he has a high degree of experience in graphic motor management and informatics application development.